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Selecting the correct oil is essential!

 Oils are graded in viscosity grades, the ratio of mineral and synthetic base oils and the mixture of additives, determines the desired performance of the oil. 

To select the correct oil one must look at the international performance grading. For example, the latest API specification for oils is SP, this grading has been developed to minimise timing chain issues and reduce or eliminate LSPI (low speed pre-ignition). LSPI occurring predominantly in low capacity (3 Cylinder), direct injection, turbo charged petrol engines and often destroys the engine at low running speeds. Using 5W30 without the correct grading will not protect your engine and timing chain. 

All other late model cars before 2021 must have at least an API SN spec and the manufacturer recommended viscosity, or your engine will not be optimally protected. 

We at Kohler Motors will select the correct oil to protect your engine.