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Consider this when a major problem happens with your engine. Your engine has stopped working. After the Initial shock you will have to decide what to do. Do you overhaul the engine, or if it has not seized, do you replace the cylinder head gasket or do a partial engine repair? Or do you buy a second hand engine and get it installed. We would like to help you making this decision by giving you the option and the pro and cons of each choice.

Complete engine overhaul

You have decided to overhaul the engine. Our quotation will include all parts and labour normally required to completely overhaul your engine. We do not recommend a short cut, because often this leads to the next engine failure. When we repair your engine, you get a full 1-year guarantee for the overhauled engine. This guarantee does not cover auxiliary systems like starter, radiator and cooling system components, ignition system, electronic components etc., but only the bottom and cylinder head of the engine.

Pro: You get your engine fitted with new parts, but this is relatively expensive.

 Cylinder Head Gasket replacement

Your cylinder head gasket is leaking and you managed to get the car into the workshop before the engine has overheated and seized. At this stage we cannot make a conclusive test, whether the bottom part of the engine has been damaged or not. We can only take off the cylinder head and measure the cylinders and pistons, but these tests are not conclusive and we cannot guarantee, that the bottom of the engine has not been damaged. The decision, whether to repair the cylinder head gasket must be made by you. Once the cylinder head is repaired and the engine is running, we might find additional faults. These could be faults on the engine block, cylinders and pistons, the injectors, the cooling system, ignition system or fuel systems. Repairing these faults, which are essential to get the car running satisfactorily, are for your account.

Good choice if the bottom part of the engine is OK, not to be recommended when the car has severely overheated.

Second hand engine

To buy and install a second hand engine is often the only option when the cost to overhaul or buy an exchange unit from the agent, is prohibiting. Kohler Motors, however, will not buy and install second hand engines. We will, however, install an engine bought by you, but will not be able to give any guarantees for this engine.

Good choice especially for older vehicles.

Partial repair of engine

Partial repair of an engine is under certain circumstances the most cost effective method to get the car going. However, it must be understood that hidden faults cannot be established during the diagnostic work and repair. If for instance, a valve is replaced, the valve repair is guaranteed as stipulated in our conditions, but if latent faults (cylinder rings worn, hydraulic lifters noisy etc.) appear when the engine is started, the repairer cannot be held responsible.

Good choice, but there may be additional faults.