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Now that your vehicle is out of warranty, you need a professional workshop you can trust.

We offer handbook servicing at service intervals specified by the manufacturer or you can choose our Express Plus Service,

where we change your oil and oil filter and recommend all other service items if and when they are required.

We use lubricants as specified by the manufacturer.

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Guarantee conditions:

  • For mechanical and electrical repairs Köhler Motors issues a 6 months or 20,000 km guarantee which covers all parts supplied by us and the labour to fit these parts.
  • We do not guarantee parts supplied by the customer.
  • After the repair, petrol and diesel vehicles must be serviced according to manufacturer’s specification and at the
  • workshop where the original repair has been done. An overrun of 1000 km is permitted.

How do we quote for car servicing:

Our management software stores nearly all service details of cars on South African roads.

The service prices are than calculated, using the last cost prices of parts which are used in a particular Service interval. (10,000km, 15000km, 50000km, etc.) According to the manufacturers recommendations different parts must be replaced at different service intervals. Now, we do not know whether your car has previously been serviced according to these recommendations. We therefore suggest that the shortest service time interval of the estimate is chosen. After the vehicle has been inspected, faulty service parts and the labour to replace them can be added to the quote to be authorized by the customer. This way will prevent that unnecessary parts will be replaced which will increase the service cost.